Friday, 29 December 2017

Sum up of the project!

We can't believe that project Move up to be healthy and happy ends...

It was a great, 2-year, international adventure full of new experiences, ideas and knowledge. We spent a lot of hours on changing children's habits to healthy way of life.

Sometimes it wasn't easy to implement planned activities but it always was a challenge that we tried to meet the best we could.

We conducted:
  • 75 workshops for parents and teachers,
  • 795 P.E. classes,
  • 430 awareness campaigns,
  • 56 sports events.

We educated 7.459 children and 281 teachers!

What makes us most happy is unexpected positive feedback from all participants!

We are more than sure that this project was important for parents, teachers and children and we promise to continue its ideas!

Thanks to all the project team:

Poland: Katarzyna Kohnke, Agnieszka BiaƂas, Agnieszka Niewiadomska

Italy: Assunta Sperduto, Francesca Bonin, Laura Quadrelli

Portugal: Ana Silva, Bruno Marante, Artur Pinto

Great Britain: Ross Walker, Pauline Hathaway, Gilbert Barnett, Carrie Starace, David Baker

Romania: Dragos Nechita, Marius Dumitrescu-Faur, Alexandra Moldovan, Anamaria Crainic, Adina Pascoiu

Czech Republic: Jan Herget, Michal Novotny, Martina Trigilla

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