Friday, 12 August 2016

The summer isn't over yet

During the summer everyone can join to active summer zone on the main beach in Gdynia. The area is not only for children but also for whole families.
Acitv summer zone is open every day from 10.00 am till 16.00.


Monday, 8 August 2016

"The young speleologists"

Sunday the 24th of July 2016 saw the annual event of the ‘Premio Nardini’ (Nardini Award). The Premio Nardini is dedicated to the memory of the former Director of the Apuan Alpes Geo National Park – Giuseppe Nardini (from 2004 to 2012), and his love for the environment and the tenacity with which he carried out his ideas for bringing together the coastal area of Forte dei Marmi and the mountains.

The event is in its 5th year and is organized in the spirit of social aggregation and the promotion of outdoor sports. Each year the event starts from Forte dei Marmi and culminates in a locality within the Apuan Alpes National Park. This year’s event was held in Levigliani, reknown for its marble, underground caves and mines. The agenda included sports activities for adults and youths: mountain & road cycling events, Nordic walking and trekking.

This year’s event also saw the first in a series of children’s sports activities that will be organized as part of the ‘Move up to be health & happy’ (MUTH & H) project.

The children’s MUTH&H event started with a light healthy breakfast at 8 am in Piazza Ortali in Levigliani. Followed by a 30 minute trek through a chestnut woodland to reach the ‘Miniere Dell’Argento Vivo’ (Quicksilver mines). These mines are amongst some of the oldest mines in Northern Tuscany. One of the characteristics of these mines is the presence of mercury in its native state.

The children were accompanied by guides on the short trekking expedition and by specialist guides in the mines. Equipped with miners helmets the children were able experience how it felt to be ‘speleologists’ for the morning in search of ancient deposits. Some of the younger children were accompanied by their parents.

The excursion to the mines included an illustration of the speleologist profession, its history, the equipment used along with other curiosities related to this trade. In addition to the on-site workshop there was a very interactive and lively discussion with the young speleologists on the minerals that used to be extracted in these mines.

To concluded the children’s experience, after a further 30 minute trek back through the woodlands, there was a luncheon awaiting our young ‘speleologist’.

The ‘Premio Nardini’ awards & events are organised by the Association Cicilistica Forte dei Marmi. The Municipality of Forte dei Marmi is an official sponsor of the event and has been since its inception. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Good morning!

How to start a good and healthy day? Eat breakfast!
Breakfast is indeed a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.

In general, kids and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Without breakfast, people can get irritable, restless, and tired. So make time for breakfast — for you and your kids!

 10 Delicious Summer Breakfast Ideas:

1.  Oatmeal with fresh strawberries and kiwi fruit.

2. Cottage cheese, avocado, tomatoes, fresh salad and whole grain bread.

3.  Oatmeal, berries and banana.

4. Oatmeal with fresh strawberries and dried cranberries.

5.  Cottage cheese with fresh pesto, courgette, whole grain bread.

6. Oatmeal with apple, cinnamon and sunflower.

7. Oatmeal with coconut milk, kiwi fruit and almonds.

8.  Egg, tomato, radish, avocado and whole grain bread.

9.  Omelette of eggs with vegetables.

10.  Egg, tomato, cucumber, onion and whole grain bread.