Monday, 16 January 2017

Old healthy celery...

Celery is really rich in vitamins such as vitamin C and B vitamins, especially folid acid and niacin. Everybody should eat this vegetable and today we present one easy recipe - celery soup that will quickly warm you up on cold days!

1/2 of big celery root
small leek but only the white part
2 potatoes
1 clove of garlic
1l of vegetable or chicken stock
125ml of Greek yoghurt
ricotta cheese
salt & peper

Dice the vegetables in small pieces. Melt the ghee in a big pot, add leek and simmer few minutes until soft, add garlic and simmer some more. Add potatoes and celery root. Simmer under the lid for 15min, stiring from time to time. Add the stock and cook for another 20min. Blend everything together to achieve consistency of a cream. Add the yoghurt. Season to taste and serve with a spoon of ricotta cheese.

(Inspired by Avocado Babies Pl)

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Train your brain!

If you think that only physical activity and proper nutrition will make you healthy, you are wrong. Our brain needs regular exercises just as our body does. 
The brain behaves according to the principle of a "drop in efficiency when it is not stimulated" so don't wait for tomorrow and start training your brain since today! On the internet you will find a lot of exercises that you can easily do everywhere!

For your children use our labyrinths :)

Monday, 9 January 2017

Educational materials for teachers

The teacher is a profession but first of all a vocation. Nowadays it’s not an easy job that’s why we really appreciate people who are doing their profession with passion and love to children. Teachers not only educate but also bring our children up and we need to remember about their important mission.

The main objective of the project Move up to be healthy and happy is to raise awareness about healthy lifestyle of children. One of the ways of being healthy is to do sport. Teachers need to run P.E. classes in schools, because very often this is the only opportunity for children to be active during the day.

P.E. classes don’t have to be boring or difficult to run!!! Try to mix it with elements of maths and you will be surprised from the effects:)

Use our PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS SCENARIOS and let your work be more effective!


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Know your body!

To keep healthy, it is important to know about your body, and different things the body does to keep you feeling well.

Did you know…?

If you follow the advice in the next few pages, you will keep all these organs very happy, and they’ll help keep you healthy.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Bye bye 2016!

Year 2016 was amazing! The project Move up to be healthy and happy has been started in January and since then we’ve made great things that we are proud of !!!
We run a lot of p.e. classes and health lessons in schools, we organised workshops for teachers and parents, we spend many hours during sport and recreational events for children, we created 6 handbooks of healthy lifestyle and built a social platform!

We will not stop in 2017…
We will still try to make your lives more healthy and happy, we promise:)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Simple fun episode 3: Dodgeball

Do you want to have fun, but you don’t have a lot of “sports stuff” lying around? In these series, we will present you games that can be played with just some friends and, this time, three balls. Because exercise needs to be fun and simple!

Dodgeball, a sport mostly popular in The United States, is a simple and fun game.
You need:
  • at least three balls (volleyballs work best, or any type of ball that does not hurt when you get hit by it)  
  • some sort of court – tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball   
  • at least 4 people - but the more, the better  

Step 1: Choose two teams, based on any method you like. Make sure they are of equal size (or as close as possible). 

Step 2: Place the balls on the middle line of the court, at a similar distance from one another, with teams at the opposite ends of the court.

Step 3: At the count of three, run and pick up the balls. If you got to pick up a ball, throw it towards the opposite team (but don’t aim for the head!) If you didn’t pick up a ball, RUN! Try not to get hit by the other team.

Step 4: If you get hit by an incoming ball, you are out. If you see a ball loose in your side of the court, try and pick it up, but be careful not to get hit by the opponents. If a ball falls out of the court, you can go after it, but you can’t use it unless you are back in your court. Keep playing, trying to pick up balls and hitting the other players. The team with no players left loses. 

Note: if you are holding a ball, and you see another ball flying towards you, you can use your ball to block the incoming ball, but be careful not to get hit!