Monday, 10 December 2018

Sporty Santa

As you know Santa Claus makes dreams come true but he is also a strong and healthy guy.
Do you know that he likes various kinds of sport. And what is your favourite discipline?  







Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Simple Rules For Brushing Your Teeth

Everyone knows how importat is dental health. But are we think at that not too rarely?

First, nutrition is extremely important for our overall health and having healthy teeth and gums is essential to be able to eat healthy. In addition, dental diseases, especially gum disease can affect your overall health. Severe gum disease has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other serious medical conditions. Having excellent dental and oral health is crucial for your overall health.

Remember that regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Some problems, like tooth decay and gum disease do not present with noticeable symptoms and can be detected early only by a dentist.

Below you can find some tips how to brush your teeth in correct way. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Paddle tennis

Have you ever heard about paddle tennis? 

Is a game adapted from tennis and played for over a century. Compared to tennis, the court is smaller and has no doubles lanes, and the net is lower. Paddle tennis is played with a solid paddle as opposed to a strung racquet, and a depressurized tennis ball is used along with an underhand serve.
The same court is used for both singles and doubles, with doubles being the dominant form of play. The smaller court size adds a strong emphasis and advantage to net play and creates a fast and reaction-based game. The game is gaining reputation and has spread out in Dubai and even Egypt, where local leagues and tournaments are organized frequently. 

Useful information:

Players: 4. Played in a doubles format. 

Serves: Serve must be underhand. A second serve is allowed only in the event of a net ball that lands in bounds, as in tennis. 

Score: Scoring method is the same as in tennis. Matches are best of five sets. 

Ball: Tennis ball with reduced pressure. 

Paddle: Solid with no strings. May be perforated. 

Court: There are two styles of courts. East and West coast styles. 

Walls: Walls or fences play the same role as in tennis, once the ball comes in contact with either the point is over.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Cookbooks for kids

Do you like cooking? It's a great opportunity to spend free time with your family.
If you don't have idea what you can cook we present some great cookbooks. 

There is so much dietary advice out there, much of it conflicting, that it can be difficult for busy parents to make sense of it all. Medical doctor and sports scientist, Professor Tim Noakes, chef and long-distance swimmer, Jonno Proudfoot, and dietitian Bridget Surtees, a specialist in paediatric nutrition, cut through the clamour to provide clear, proven guidelines and simple, delicious recipes to feed your family well, inexpensively and without fuss.

Is your child a budding chef, always wanting to help in the kitchen? Do you want to encourage your child's cooking aspirations, but need recipes that are safe for children and things that you can cook together? Look no further than Mommy & Me Bake, the cookbook designed to offer parent and child the opportunity to work together as a team while teaching basic baking skills.

Spend a day in Mother Goose's kitchen! Seventeen familiar and classic nursery rhymes inspire recipes and cook-along stories that will create a whole new generation of little chefs.

Kid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook gives budding chefs confidence in the kitchen with fun, yummy recipes that they'll enjoy eating and be proud to serve to family and friends.
Children are naturally curious about what goes on in the kitchen, and are eager to step up to the counter themselves. Kid Chef Junior: My First Kids Cookbook will help kids ages 4-8 develop their culinary know-how as they make healthy, wholesome, kid-approved meals―first with an adult, and eventually, all on their own!

While teaching upper- and lowercase letters to preschoolers, Ehlert introduces fruits and vegetables from around the world. A glossary at the end provides interesting facts about each food.

Let your kids make their own food with 50 fun recipes that will not only encourage future healthy eating habits but also develop motor skills, cognitive development and self-confidence plus you won’t have to cook!

From squiggly, jelly ‘earthworms’ to revolting, gooey ‘snotcorn’, this is a fantastically fun cookery book full of gross, yet delicious, recipes to delight children and spark an interest in cooking. Get your gag reflexes ready and practice keeping a straight face--you’re going to need both as you dig into this book of repulsive recipes! A cookbook of easy, fun, disgusting-looking, but secretly tasty recipes, perfect for kids to feed to unsuspecting adults and annoying siblings, serve at a Halloween party, or even to surprise their friends when they come round for tea.

Have you ever dreamed of having picnics with the Famous Five, midnight feasts with the Malory Towers girls or party teas with the Folk of the Faraway Tree? With this cookbook, inspired by Enid Blyton's stories, you can! Packed full of yummy recipes, lively artwork and extracts from Enid Blyton's stories, this cookbook will inspire children - and the whole family - to get busy in the kitchen. It's the perfect way to share the pleasure of making and eating food with your child. There are 42 exciting new recipes designed by top chef and Junior Bake Off TV judge, Allegra McEvedy, with fabulous illustrations by Mark Beech and glorious food photography too.


Creativity, hard work, and lots of fun—that’s what it takes to cook like a master. Beloved television competition show MasterChef Junior fosters all of this within each of its pint-size home cooks, and what they whip up is truly impressive. This book aims to give any aspiring young chef the tools he or she needs to hone essential cooking skills, with 100 recipes inspired by dishes that the contestants served in the first five seasons, as well as timeless techniques, tips, and advice. With this book, anyone can become an excellent cook.

My Little Sous-Chef is a unique cookbook that wants to encourage parents to cook with their kids.
This is the kids version and it is meant to be used in conjunction with its twin book for adults, which you can purchase on Amazon at this ASIN: B01N31V8UY. Buy the hard copy at
In the adult version you will find a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes to try out with your little helper. All the recipes are easy and quick to make, so that your little sous-chef won’t get bored or discouraged. In the twin book for kids you will find the same recipes, but with only the easier, child-friendly tasks, fully illustrated to be easily understood by preschool kids too. For your easy reference, the kids tasks are listed at the bottom of each recipe in the adults book.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Health benefits of horse riding: 7 great reasons to take up the sport

Do you know that horse riding has a big positive effect on our body and mind. Below you can find some of them but the best idea is to try it. 

1. Improved posture and body awareness.

2. Outdoor activity on the fresh air. Idea for a free time.

3. Help children with disabilities.

5. Stimulates mainly positive psychological feelings like smile or self-consciousness.

6. Taking care of others including nature and animals.

7. Respect for the forces of nature


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How to grow a lemon tree

Instead of throwing out/ discarding stones from eaten fruits, play the gardeners and plant your plantation. There is life hidden in these small grains.
Growing a tree is a task for the persistent: it requires work and effort.
But do not be discouraged as the more time you spend on it  the greater satisfaction there will be.

1. Take a few pips out of the lemon. Unfortunately, not all will be able to germinate - if you sow more than one, you can be sure that some will .

2. Choose thick and well-formed seeds. The ones you take out of the pulp should be thoroughly cleaned and dried, preferably in a shady and airy place (but not in the sun).

3. Fill the medium-sized pot with soil (leave 2-3 centimeters from the bottom). Make 1 cm thick wraps, put a seed in them and gently cover with a thin layer of soil.

4. Now it's time for regular watering - it's enough to do it once a day. And remember, the plant must have access to light. It will not grow in a dark corner.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Your child doesn't eat vegetables?

Your child doesn’t want to eat vegetables and you don’t know what to do to change it?

Today, we present few ways to teach your child eating vegetables:
  1. Start with meals that your child already knows - favourite meals are the best way to smuggle vegetables! Remember that your child will be more tolerant of vegetable ingredients if you hide them under a blanket made of pasta slices or cheese;)
  2. Give your meals interesting names - for example, "Brazilian football", if your son is interested in football, or "specialty from Barbie", when your daughter’s favourite toy is this doll. In fact, under these names can be a pizza on a wholemeal dough and a homemade sauce, on which you will put spinach, sweet corn and slices of mozzarella or vegetable muffins, which can certainly appear in the kitchen of the girl's favourite heroine.
  3. Let the food be fun - for example, broccoli can be trees placed on your child's plate. You can be sure that while telling such stories your child will happily eat lettuce that threatens his favourite heroes.
  4. Take your child to shopping - it is more likely that your child will try new products when you give him the opportunity to choose them from the store shelf.
  5. Let your child cook with you - children like to cook and imitate adults, it builds a child's self-confidence, because he can do something by himself.
  6. Go for snacks - prepare healthy fries with home-made tomato sauce or sweet carrots and honey sticks.
  7. Apply the method of one bite - reserve to your child so that before asking if he can leave the table, he took a bite of food, which he has on his plate. This increases the chances that he will be surprised by the taste and will want to take a second bite.