Gdynia Sports Centre (Gdynia, Poland) as a group of committed and creative young enthusiasts put all energy in order to do sport in Gdynia getting better. Its goal is to work on promotion of grassroots sport and continuing innovation in the development, accessibility, participation and value across the world, regardless of race, religion or gender. Gdynia Sports Centre realizes local programmes dedicated to children and youth but also international projects that allow to exchange experience with European countries. For young people Gdynia Sports Centre ensures an adequate quality and wide range of school and extracurricular sports activities. The city, within its budget also supports sport clubs both professional and youth, funds sports training for children and young people, and successfully organizes competitions of different rank in many disciplines. It organizes events that bring many fans of physical activity and hundreds of free recreational activities, all of which can benefit everyone - regardless of age or ability. 

Key activities connected with children are:

1) organizing recreational, sports, cultural and entertainment events (Active Summer, Street Races, Sport Holidays, Family Festivities, World Heart Day, Football Tournaments),
2)  promoting of sport especially among children and youths (local programs: Gdynia on the Move, Gdynia on the Wave, Gdynia for the Family, Sport Tournaments For Schools, The child and its world),
3)  creating of appropriate legal and organizational conditions and the economic development of physical education for children,
4)   supporting the training of children, young people and athletes with disabilities,
5)   cooperating with sports clubs for children,
6)  conducting activities for children with disabilities through the rehabilitation and recreational activities, including conducting hippotherapy,
7)   organizing holiday activities for children and young people,
8)   activities related to the prevention and education in the fight against alcoholism and drug addiction (workshops for children).

National Center of Sports Medicine (Gdynia, Poland) is an independent health care facility set up by the Ministry of Health. The aim of the Center is to provide health care services anyone practicing sport, health promotion and development of sports medicine. The organization has three business units: 2 in Warsaw and since 2012 - one B.O. in Gdynia. The tasks of the organization include:      

1)  provision of medical care over the players qualified for the national team in the Olympic and Paraolympic sports,
2) medical securing of the national team during the Olympic and Paraolympic Games,
3)  performing research in the field of sports medicine involving children and young   people under 21, and the players between 21 and 23 years of age,
4)  provision of health services to all persons over 23 years old taking up physical activity,
5) implementation of preventive measures and provision of health benefits associated with the anti-doping procedures,
6)   carrying out activities in the field of health promotion,
7)  scientific research and implementation of new methods and techniques in the field of sports medicine,
8)   teaching and education in the field of sports medicine and related fields.
The unit works closely with the Polish Olympic Committee, Polish Paraolympic Committee, with the Polish Sporting Compounds, organizations involved in the fight against doping in sport, the Ministers for health, sport and education.

Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, (Forte dei Marmi, Italy) local public authority, as part of its commitment to encourage the uptake of physical activities at all ages, and more specifically in early age, CFdM adheres to the Panathlon declaration on ethics in youth sport (GAND 2004), which is line with the EU guidelines on sports. This declaration represents the commitment to establish clear rules of conduct in seeking positive values in encouraging youth sport. 

It consists of: 

1) promoting  the positive values in youth sport with sustained effort and appropriate programs,
2)  efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination in youth sports,
3)  it acknowledges that sports can also have negative effects and that preventive measures are needed to protect young people,
4) favoring the help of sponsors and media in accordance with the objectives of promoting youth sport.

Throughout the year a number of events are organized by CFdM from: cultural, touristic, sports and leisure time activities in collaboration with the various non-profit associations in order to encourage the uptake of physical activities. These activities are also aimed at facilitating social inclusion at local, national and international levels. The sports and social services provided in Forte dei Marmi for children and schools on an annual basis are Football Tournaments, Rally Del Ciocco, Pre-cycling Race, International Mini-marathon, Football Campus, Winter inter-municipality Forte dei Marmi Ski Trophy, Local non-resident summer campuses.

To meet its social objectives and commitments CFdM provides a range of services to its community like Territorial education - professional educators at domicile to assist minors at risk with learning difficulties. CFdM carry out also Chernobyl Project.

Municipality of Lousada (Lousada, Portugal) is an institution of local public administration. The activities and experience in the sports area are:
1)  coordinating and developing sporting activities in the Municipality,
2) promoting the participation of associations, organizations and local communities,
3)  supporting sports activities in various competitive levels, developed by official and  private entities towards generalization of the sport,
4) organizing, coordinating and ensuring the success of sport events regularly promoted by the municipality,
5)  developing and updating the Municipal Sports Letter,
6)  ensuring coordination of the group of technicians that perform the functions of curriculum enrichment activities in the area of sport and physical activity,
7)  managing and ensuring the maintenance of sports facilities in the municipality, as well as promoting its use by the population and under collaboration agreements with other sports institutions,
8) ensuring the construction, preservation, maintenance and management of sports facilities in the municipality,
9)  proposing measures to promote and foster the sport in sporting activities,

Association Local Action Group Napoca Porolissum (Aghiresu, Romania) is a private-public non-profit association and it has as associates the municipalities from its territory. The association Napoca Porolissum does its work in a rural region which has a low density population and faces job termination due to youths that leave to urban areas. Napoca Porolissum also developed cooperation projects through LEADER programme and it manages the Rural Development Programme. It works closely with the municipalities, small medium enterprises, schools and non-governmental organizations. Association of Local Action Group Napoca Porolissum is a partnership between public and private entities, including a total of 12 municipalities. Local Action Group Napoca Porolissum aims to encourage the initiatives of local interest, using the LEADER approach of "bottom up" by involving local stakeholders in determining the needs of the area and the territorial developing regarding economic, demographic, educational, cultural. Local Action Group Napoca Porolissum want to empower and teach children, parents and teachers from rural areas about the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition. Living in a rural area places them in an unfavorable position and they have limited access to all kind of things, such as information for example. 

Community Teachsport (London, Great Britain) delivers activity projects in and around London and the South East of England aimed at young people and their families that create healthy lifestyles for all the family and help disadvantaged young people from all spheres of society to engage in the community and increase their self-worth and leadership potential. Activity projects include ‘ParkActive’, ‘Mini Olympians’, ‘Sports of our World’, ‘Sports Academy’, ‘Teach Theatre’, ‘Changing Shapes’, ‘Parkour Urban Gymnastics’, ‘Baby Gym’ and ‘Fun and Fitness’ all designed to encourage all young people and families to become active, embrace Olympic ideals and learn how to continue to remain healthy. Through outreach, Community Teachsport workers encourage disadvantaged and excluded young people, including older children who may be involved in crime or anti-social behaviour, to take part in open space projects by adopting a less formal drop in/drop out approach. Linked to these activity projects, Community Teachsport delivers training programmes designed to increase the opportunity of long term employment for young people, including those not in employment, education or training. Community Teachsport reach a total of over 200,000 beneficiaries annually both in school term time and during the holiday periods. This has allowed young people to increase their physical literacy, their long term physical development, their self-confidence and raise their self-worth, whilst supporting their academic studies. There has been particular success in working with vulnerable young people who have issues with body image, weight management, social exclusion and school exclusion. This has been achieved by developing and delivering specifically designed leadership, teamwork, communication and organisational programmes along with national weight management and bullying schemes including school mentoring.

Teachsport are also experienced in EU funded Leonardo projects and have worked as a full partner in previous projects.

Beachklub Ládví z. s. (Prague, Czech Republic) runs activities for children, adults and seniors, including volleyball trainings with experienced beach volleyball coaches (regular courses or individual lessons), beach volleyball tournaments (for professionals, amateurs and children), sport events for children and parents, cultural sport events on special occasions, summer camps in the Czech Republic or abroad etc. The team of the Beachklub are people experienced in coaching, sports management and didactics. Most of the senior coaches have a degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Charles University. Some of the coaches specialize on working with children and therefore the Beachklub offers trainings and activities from children from 3 years (kindergardens). Beachklub Ládví cooperates with the Department of Education of the District Council of Prague 8 and through this department also with 15 pubic primary schools established by the DC Prague 8. The cooperation with the public school runs on an ad hoc basis when the schools come to the facilities of the Beachklub with their PE teachers and use the facilities during their classes or as after-school activities. Beachklub also collaborates with 2 private schools (The Thomas Mann Primary School of German-Czech Understanding and the Meridian International School) and provides sport and educational services for them as a part of their curricula with the trainers of the Beachklub. Beachklub also cooperates with the vocational school and practical school (school for children with learning difficulties and special needs) and organizes activities for its pupils – children at the risk of social exclusion. Beachklub also organizes activities for other disadvantaged groups of people, for example sport activities for seniors or trainings for deaf players and people with impaired hearing.

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