Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New rules of nutrition!

Polish experts, after 7 years, have announced the new rules of nutrition, in line with the latest recommendations of the WHO, which will help people to live healthier and longer.

In new version of "Pyramid of healthy nutrition and physical activity" there are few surprises. 

Physical activity has been located at the base of pyramid. Experts recommend 30 - 45 minutes of physical activity every day. Sport should interact with a healthy diet and be an integral part of life.

The most important place among grocery products occupy fruits and vegetables. A daily portion of this group should be at least 400 grams and can be replaced with juices. 3/4 of the daily consumption should fall on vegetables and a 1/4 on fruits.

In third place in the new pyramid are grains, especially whole grains. They should be eaten during most of our meals.

Next place belongs to milk that should be drunk at least twice a day. Milk can be replaced with yogurt and kefir or partially by cheese.

In fifth place are the meat products, which should be only the addition to vegetables and grain products. The most recommended products in this group are fish and eggs, and the least red meat and cold cuts.

The least important are fats which should be limited in daily diet, especially animal fats.

There is no place, in nutrition pyramid, for sugar and sweets. These products should be definitely avoided. Healthy substitutes of sweets are fruits and nuts.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Comune di Forte dei Marmi ‘ CarnevalFortebambino’ and "A fairy tale carnival"

Carnival a popular winter pass time in the Versilia district, and not only. It starts 1st week in February and last for four weeks, with each municipality in the district having its own theme and series of events for the duration.
On Shrove Tuesday (9th February) the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi inaugurated this year’s children’s carnival with ‘ CarnevalFortebambino’ in conjunction with the general carnival celebrations. The children’s events started at 15.00 hours in the main Piazza Marconi in Forte dei Marmi, with a series of games and animations for children from nurseries and primary schools.
The events reached their peak on Sunday 14th and will be repeated on the 21st February with "A fairy tale carnival", with parades of masks and costumes throughout Forte dei Marmi accompanied by the local band. The masks and the costumes were made by over three hundred mothers who accepted the invitation and challenge launched by the municipal Councilor for Education.
The children found the Forest of Sherwood with bows and arrows, play badminton with Lady Marian or take the tea with the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. Play croquet with the Queen of Curi or challenge the terrible Captain Hook with the help of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, not to mention a soft and safe space for the nurseries children to play. All the games are organized in theme with the children’s costumes.
Initially the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi had thought of a contest with a jury to reward the best costume. In the end it was decided against as the real winner is the enthusiasm and overall participation in making the children’s carnival events happen. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Running events in Lousada

Free Running Lousada – 3 of February
In Lousada is developing a group of people that are interested in running true the city, every Wednesday at 19h00. The group is very heterogeneous it has people between 14 to 71 years old. They are very motivated and they are gathering new members to the group. This will be a potential activity to draw the attention to the population to acquire healthy habits. The special guest to inspire all the participants was Aurora Cunha, a former Olympic athlete, a person well none in Portugal as a good example in sport. 

Lousada Carnival Foot Race – 7 of February

By 10:30 am, in the Urban Park, it extended a line consisting of more than 1500 participants ready for the start of the race. Blue sweaters race athletes of 10kms, and white sweaters 5kms walk. After the starting signal, given by the Mayor, Pedro Machado, begins the Lousada Carnival Foot Race! It is always exciting to see the start of participants in a sporting event like this.