The World Health Organization as a key actor in defining the terms for policies to counteract obesity recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day for adults and minimum of 60 minutes for children. School-aged youth should participate of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily, in forms that are developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, and involve a variety of activities. Development of motor skills should be emphasised in early age groups. Specific types of activity according to the needs of the age group should be addressed: aerobic, strength, weight bearing, balance, flexibility, motor development.

Childhood is the time in our lives when the attitudes are shaped determining the current and future health behaviour. That’s why we need to start changing the lifestyle of children.

The project “Move up to be healthy and happy” is the answer to diagnosed problems connected with children’s health, nutrition, physical and personal development, integration and assimilation. The best solutions that can help children in facing with their problems are to encourage them to do sports and show how to live healthy. Our project includes a programme which appears in a comprehensive approach to children and their lives. We include not only children but also their teachers and parents who will get knowledge on how to ensure healthier life for children.

The main objective:

The implementation of pro-health attitudes among children through promotion of grassroots sport on the schools background.

The specific objectives:

1.   Prevention of civilization diseases of children by raising their awareness about health.

2.  Promotion of the equality in sport (equal access to sport for socially excluded,  obese, disabled children).

3.    Promotion of social inclusion (events aimed at children socially excluded).

4.    Improvement of the qualifications of teachers in running P.E. classes with children.

5.    Promotion of grassroots sport.

6.    Strengthen cooperation between institutions operating in the field of sport.

7.    Exchange of experience between Partners.

The project will be carried out in 6 European cities such as Gdynia (Poland), Forte dei Marmi (Italy), Lousada (Portugal), Aghiresu (Romania), London (Great Britain) and Prague (Czech Republic) from January 2016 till December 2017. All Partners will act according to a uniform programme dedicated to the target groups. The programme includes many various activities for children, teachers and parents which are intended to encourage them to take up sport, raise the awareness of health, provide tools and materials useful in daily life of the participants.

Main activities of the project are:

   1)      Physical education of children.

   2)      Awareness campaign for children.

   3)      Developing the handbook of healthy lifestyle for children.

   4)      Creating the social platform.

   5)      Workshops for parents and teachers.

   6)      Events for children.

All the activities planned during the project will help in shaping correct habits of children, on which a great impact have parents and teachers.

The sooner we start to educate children the better results we will get!

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