Children are real fighters!

Last Satrurday in Gdynia children could try their hand at cycling competition called MTB C.Hartwig Gdynia Maraton that was organised by Gdynia Sports Centre. Young cyclists had to cover a distance 1,5 km, 8 km or 12 km, respectively. The best cyclist was 6-year old Borys and the youngest contestants had just 2 years old.

Many attractions waited for all children at the finishing line and it was amazing to see their big smiles:)

Congratulations to all cyclists - we are very proud of you!

Sports weekend in Gdynia

How to spend active weekend and don't seat at home you can find in Gdynia.
Every weekend in the city are organized lots of not only sports activities, tournaments and chamiponships. Most of them are dedicated to all families. It's great time to be together.
If you would like to join to next events follow the website and our project calendar on

 Polish Championships in Skateboarding

Runmageddon Kids

 Volleyball All-Star Game 

If you're looking for some sport for your child read these few facts about volleyball but remember to let your kid choose the type of activity:)

  1. Volleyball has simple rules and everyone can quickly learn to play. 
  2. It does not require a lot of equipment.
  3. Social - Volleyball is a team game. Mixed teams are also common, i.e. men and women on one team. 
  4. If you play volleyball then you also know how to play beach volleyball. Playing volleyball at the beach, doesn´t that sound nice?
  5. It is played all year round and a great way to get children outside during the summer.
  6. It's a sport - Regular exercise has a positive affect on the physical and mental health, because it releases endorphins and other similar so-called happiness hormones. This combats excessive stress which is typical in our modern life.
  7. Playing volleyball can increase your fitness. Volleyball is an aerobic activity. Regular aerobic exercise is known to be very good for our health, especially the heart and vascular system. Regular training serves as prevention of hypertension, myocardial infarction, and other cardiovascular diseases. It also can decrease the resting heart rate, which is very beneficial for the heart.
  8. Non-contact sport - This reduces the risk of injury, and also makes playing mixed teams very easy.
  9. It is one of the most common games in the world.
  10. It is also very entertaining!

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Children with running passion

Gdynia Sports Centre, during each year, organizes street runs cycle called PKO Grand Prix Gdyni that consists of 4 really big events. The main aim is to popularize runnings and promote of the healthy lifestyle.

On 7th of May nearly 6000 runners took part in European Run! Besides adults also children and youth started in their categories. In runs for children since their birth to 11 years there were about 1300 participants who enjoyed being active.

Let’s follow their example!

Don’t forget about parents who have got the biggest influence on children and show them their passion for sport. 

Time for winter sports!

The Skiing Club Association ‘The Groundhogs’ (otherwise known as ‘Le Marmotte’), in collaboration with the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi promote and organize every year winter sports for the children and youths of the Secondary schools and the Scientific Lyceum of Forte dei Marmi in a locality called Abetone (approx. 100 kms from Forte dei Marmi).

The Ski Club ‘Le Marmotte’ manages the lodgings ‘La Casetta’, property of the Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, where the children are hosted. This structure is open all year round and to anyone who wants to relax or practice sports. The association employs 4 full time people (a manager, a cook and cleaning staff). The organization of the winter school holidays is guaranteed by the Ski Club’s Sports Volunteer Associates (OSV – Operatori Sportivi Volontari). The organization of the events and services are provided free of charge.

This year’s winter sports events started a little earlier than Christmas and went on to include a special package for the New Year festivities. In February the schools skiing events began with the High School of Forte dei Marmi, followed by two weeks with the secondary school Ugo Guidi of Forte dei Marmi. After a week's break the last two weeks were completed with middle schools from Marzocchino, Forte dei Marmi.

This year approximately 230 children/youths have been accompanied on the Abetone slopes. A big commitment, but rewarding. The true strengths of the Skiing Club ‘le Marmotte’ are the volunteers who worked in shifts and showed their experience, professionalism and reliability in guaranteeing assistance to the youths at all times, on and off the slopes.

The Ski Club owns skiing equipment that it makes available to the children/youths. The equipment is prepared in advance by the volunteers before their arrival at the structure.

The week typically starts with the children being picked-up by the volunteers with transport made available by the Ski Club ‘Le Marmotte’ from Forte dei Marmi and dropped off at the predetermined meeting point in Abetone, and are accompanied back home at the end of the week.

At the end of the skiing lessons with the instructors from the skiing school ‘Colò’, the children are accompanied for lunch to an affiliated structure and are supervised by both the ski instructors and the teachers. In the afternoon the children are accompanied back onto the slopes. 

The volunteers at the end of the day manage the collection, the return of all the equipment to the storage area and for taking the children back to their accommodation. On the Thursday after the final race there is an award ceremony and a torchlight parade with the ski instructors.

The Ski Club ‘Le Marmotte’ was formed in 2004 on the initiative of a few enthusiasts, with the specific intent of promoting winter sports amongst the younger citizens of Forte dei Marmi, more specifically the schools. Given the huge success encountered over the years the group of volunteers has grown to include staff with specific expertise and skills to ensure a more specialised and professional service to its users.

The Municipality of Forte dei Marmi has worked hard to ensure that the accommodation ‘La Casetta’ provides a service to the community. The Mayor of Abetone is always very responsive to any requests aimed at optimizing this service. The Abetone Cable Car company provides the Ski Club Association with a box for storing the ski equipment during the week of events. A big thank you also goes to Multipass and the ski school ‘Colò’ for their collaboration and professionalism.

This venue goes to show how a common and collective objective can turn events of this ilk into a true success story and provides healthy fun for all its participants – arrivederci until next winter!

Winter holidays are coming to Gdynia!

In Poland, since many years, dates of winter holidays are different for specific regions. Minister of National Education announces the dates of winter holidays usually divided into 4 groups. Pomerania region, which Gdynia belongs to, will start the winter break at 15th of February and will end it at 28th of February.

On this occasion Gdynia Sports Centre prepared an attractive offer of wide range of free-of-charge activities for children and youth who spend this special time in Gdynia. During this year’s edition participants will be able to try their hand at disciplines such as football, basketball, table tenis or floorball. For those who like dancing there will be zumba classes twice a week. Small children will find there special play area with toys and crayons.

All activities will be running by experienced trainers and the only requirement for participation is to have the proper clothes and shoes to get changed.

More information at

Active winter

There is nothing more beautiful than snow in winter! In Gdynia we can finally find white flue and it gives us a lot of attractions. Don’t look for excuses – it’s not so cold and snow is not so wet ;) Dress warmly, apply appropriate cream, take all family and friends, go outside and have fun!
You have no idea what to do?!
You can always sledge - try to do it with your child and see who will scream  louderJ Do you know that one hour of sledging and walking up will help you to burn about 400 calories!
If you have an ice rink in your neighbourhood don’t hesitate to go there. Even if you have small kid it is also a great way to spend time together. It's not easy to learn anybody ice skating especially when this person is a child. Don’t be discouraged by that fact. Today we have wide range of skates that will help your kid  keep balance. Be patient and let your child fall over and get upJ

Even if you don’t have a sledge or skates you can use just snow to be active. Make a snowman and lose about 235 calories, organize a snowball fight and see how wonderfull time you will have.

Don’t wait for another day – snow can melt till then :)

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