Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Teacher Training for Physical Education

How important is to improve our qualifications know PE teachers from South London. Community Teachsport gave a chance to join to free Teacher Training for Physical Education.  Training organizer look forward to reaching many schools & children in this area and give ALL children the best possible start in PE provision.


Friday, 24 June 2016

First kick-off meeting in Gdynia

From 20th to 22th of June all the team members of the project Move up to be healthy and happy met in Gdynia. It was a very precious time with a lot of brilliant discussions, insightful questions, new knowledge and experience but also time to get to know each other.

Partners talked about main activities of the project, methods of choosing target groups, promotion and dissemination, education, civilization's problems of children, evaluation, periodic and final report.

Gdynia Sports Centre as a Coordinator of the project wanted to show all he foreign partners the beauty of the city. We visited the Emigration Museum, Infobox, Kamienna Góra and Seaside Boulevard.

We finished the meeting with conference on which we invited representatives of the municipality of Gdynia, press and also principals of Gdynia primary schools.

Next meeting in November will be organised in Forte dei Marmi (Italy).

Friday, 10 June 2016

H like Healthy and Happy!

Letter H wasn't easy but we have found words related to sport and health. See our work and think about something else on letter H!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dear Parents, give a good example!

Give a good example and allow your child to experiment!
  1. Try eating meals together, it really matters. Don't watch tv or surf the internet! Celebrate family meals by common conversation.
  2. Involve your child in preparing meals. Experiment in the kitchen and taste new flavors.
  3. Show and tell your child about healthy food.
  4. Do not force your child to eat! Allow your kid to choose and eat as much as he can.
  5. Give a good example by eating healthy food.
  6. Make sure that meals look appetizing.
  7. Remember that monotone can be boring. Try to prepare various meals.
  8. Involve your child in buying fruits and vegetables - he will eat them much more willing at home.

Pictures taken from: google.com